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2011 Movies, “Movies 2011”

Complete List of 2011 Movies in Theaters

This 2011 Movies page is updated daily. This Movies 2011 page contains the most accurate 2011 movie release dates and information about all 2011 movies released in theaters in 2011.

Our list of 2011 Movies below is more accurate than all other pages on the web featuring 2011 Movie releases, including the (inaccurate) IMDB database of 2011 movies and (error ridden) Rotten Tomatoes database.

Below is the complete list of major 2011 movie releases by week of release.

Click on any of the 2011 movie posters images for complete information about all 2011 movies in theaters.

Trailers for all 2011 Movie releases are featured on each page below.

Number of major sequels or remakes in the Top 20 box office of 2011: 17

Number of sequels or remakes in Top 100 at 2011 movie box office: 31

Number of 2011 big screen releases that earned over $100 million at the U.S. box office: 30

Number of movies in Top 100 at box office based on a ‘popular’ novel (not all of the movies box office hits): 10

Best blockbuster of 2011: Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows: Part 2

Best mainstream movie of 2011: Hugo

Best art house movie of 2011: The Artist

Best animated movie of 2011: A Cat In Paris

Best remake of 2011: The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

Best foreign film of 2011: A Separation

Best documentary of 2011: Pina

Best performance by an actor in 2011 movie: Jean Dujardin, The Artist

Best peformance by an actress in a 2011 movie: Viola Davis, The Help

Best performance by a supporting actress in a 2011 movie: Melissa McCarthy, Bridesmaids

Best performace by a supporting actor in a 2011 movie: Max Von Sydow, Extremely Loud And Incredibly Close

Best director of a 2011 movie: Woody Allen, Midnight In Paris

Most overrated movie of 2011: The Descendants

Most underrtated movie of 2011: Warrior

Biggest embarrassment by an A-list star: Johnny Depp, Pirates Of The Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

Best movie studio publicist 2011: Dan Fellman, Warner Bros.

Best non movie studio movie publicist of 2011: Michael Braun, DKC

Watch the trailer of Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Part 2 above. It was the highest grossing movie at the 2011 movie box office.

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